1. If during the International Health Control or after this you are diagnosed with any disabling disease of the described, the student will be suspended from teaching activities and must be return to your country immediately.
  2. If the disease is curable, the student will be able to return as long as you present a medical certificate legalized at the Cuban embassy in your country of origin or residence, which certifies your recovery.
  3. In any other case it will not be your readmission is possible.
  4. If, once the student has started studying the specialty that the student has chosen, he decides to make a change of specialty and there are vacant places in it, he has the right to make the change within the first three (3) months of starting the studies. studies.
  5. To request the change, you must do so in writing to the Postgraduate Department of the center where you are studying with a copy to the Postgraduate Department of the Academic Coordination of the University of Medical Sciences and to the Directorate of Academic Services of Cuban Medical Services, S.A. and wait for the opinion of said institutions.
  6. To start in the new specialty you must You will have to pay 1,000.00 USD again for the tuition fee for the new specialty.
  7. If the specialty to which the student transfers is from a higher rate group, he or she must apply. pay the difference before starting it, but if you transfer to one with a lower rate, you do not receive a refund in that year and only from the following year do you pay what corresponds to said academic course with the corresponding discount of the that he paid according to the group in which the new specialty is classified. After 3 months and one (1) day you will not have right to request a change of specialty.
  8. To transfer from a UCM from one province to another, the student must direct your request in writing to the Rector of the UCM where you are located and from there it will be done The consultation of the possible transfer to the Teaching area of the Ministry of Public Health will be carried out, where the decision will be made. whether the transfer is possible or not.
  9. If the student causes academic withdrawal (due to personal problems, illness, etc.) in a period of less than 50% of the time declared in the study program for the agreed academic activity, he or she has the right to a refund 40% of the payment made for said concept, except for registration. After 50% and one (1) day of the time declared in the study program for said activity, you will not be entitled to any compensation. The above does not exempt the student from paying any other financial responsibility acquired.
  10. If the discharge is the result of violations of discipline or non-compliance with the regulations of the Residence Regime of the Ministry of Public Health and regulation no. 26- 2012 for and that of foreign students established by the Ministry of Higher Education (MES), you will not obtain any refund.
  11. If the withdrawal is the result of a diagnosis of any of the disabling diseases declared in this document or pregnancy will not obtain no refund and must return immediately to your country of origin or residence.
  12. If the student withdraws for any reason during the first week after the time declared in the study program of the professional improvement figures has elapsed: courses, training, internships, diplomas or the first month of the corresponding Academic training: specialties, master's degrees and doctorates will be deducted. 10% of the total payment made for academic services.
  13. Once your registration is official, the application will proceed. to the signing of an individual contract between the student, the University of Medical Sciences where he will receive academic services and the Medical Services Marketing Company (branches). Once the contract is signed, if the student does not show up for the agreed academic services, the fee will be deducted. 10% of the agreed amount without counting the registration fee, which is non-refundable.

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