Given the need for precise guidance on how to access the different medical treatments in Cuba, CUBAMUNDOMEDICO arises, which is an international facilitation and management agency based in Cuba that will help you with the medical care procedures in Cuba that you need.

In the facilitation management you will be attended by our representatives. Our representatives are not doctors, but they are professional medical tourism facilitators and they know the procedure to answer general questions about the procedures to opt for medical treatment in Cuba, as well as the terms and conditions of the provision of these medical services in Cuba.

Once you submit your request, through the forms on our website or by simple email, the representative that serves you has a term of 10 to 15 days to respond, sometimes this term is extended because the specialists request some information additional about the patient's condition; For this reason we suggest that when requesting medical treatment, do so with as much information as possible according to the form of each medical treatment.

The consultations made to our representatives and the procedures for the acceptance of the case by the specialists, are FREE, as well as the attention of our facilitators and do not constitute any type of obligation or commitment between the patient and us.

The prices of the medical programs shown on this site, are referential, are for you to have an idea of ​​the possible budget that your medical program will have if the patient is taxed for treatment. These prices may vary depending on the status of each patient and after the initial evolution that the program will include.

Each medical program proposal is prepared with the medical information you sent us previously. If it turns out to be insufficient or inaccurate after the evaluation made upon arrival at the corresponding medical center, the medical institution or we are responsible for any change in the budget sent, during the time in Cuba or for changes in the procedures that were recommended.

All the tests you will have are dedicated to improving your health and providing you with the best medical care you need.

The medical consultations recommended in the program are necessary for your evaluations.

The medications, liquids, blood and its derivatives used (and also any other medical action not included in the Program) will be billed by the medical center additionally at the time they are indicated after your consent.

All payments for medical services are made upon arrival at the corresponding medical institutions.

CUBAMUNDOMEDICO helps you find accredited medical treatments in hospitals, institutes, clinics and Cuban medical centers, as well as accommodation, transportation, interpreter or tour guides needed, the latter not included in the medical programs.


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