Addiction Treatment. MEDICAL PROGRAM

The treatment is guided by an Individual Program with group activities, so that the appropriate measures can be taken in each case and that the group positively influences to achieve the proposed objectives.
Reception of the Patient:
The patient is received at the airport in Havana and immediately connects with a flight to the province of Holguín (where the clinic is).
In case there is no transfer availability, you will spend one or two nights in Havana as necessary.
The patient and his family are received at Holguín airport, he moves to the Villa where he makes a patient review (naked), luggage is checked thoroughly and a urine sample is taken in the room.
Initial evaluation.
Time: 7 - 10 days
. Clinical and hematological study
. Electrocardiography and Electroencephalography
. Radiology of Skull and Thorax (to assessment of the CT scan of the skull)
. Psychiatry interviews
. Psychological evaluation
Discussion of the case by the medical staff, the patient and the accompanying family and the conclusion of the definitive acceptance or not of the patient in the Therapeutic Community. Analysis with patient and family of therapeutic procedures.
With the evaluation of the patient it is determined if it has organic damage (cortical level) and if this damage is giving symptoms or not, since those that do not present cortical damages are better rehabilitated than the one who has it
There are cases that in addition to consuming strong drugs, have a psychiatric condition sometimes unrecoverable, which affects the rehabilitation process.
1- Awareness.
2- Control of withdrawal symptoms.
3- Changes of second order. Therapy. Occupational.
4- Abstinence from drug use
Time: 45 - 60 days (minimum 45 days)
This stage extends from your income to the scope of the objectives foreseen in it, looking for the patient to become aware of their health problem and the need for change in their way of life, as well as controlling the progressive reduction of symptoms of abstinence
During the stage the departures will be with previous authorization and in the company of a staff of the institution. The recreational outings directed to the beach will have as a prerequisite to have reached a score of 15 points (75% of the evaluation score of the week before the start). These departures may be suspended due to indiscipline committed despite having obtained 15 points.
- Recreational Departures on Sundays (accompanied)
Time: 45 - 60 days (minimum 45 days)
You reach this stage after having reached the objectives set in the 1st stage, especially the absence of symptoms of withdrawal consciously, or the identification and management of these symptoms.
The recreational outings directed to the beach will have as a prerequisite to have achieved a score of 17 points (85%) of the evaluation score of the week before departure). These departures may be suspended due to indiscipline committed despite having obtained 17 points.
- Recreational departures on Sundays (accompanied)
- Departures on Wednesday afternoons (accompanied)
Time: 50 to 60 days (minimum 50 days)
This stage will be reached at 90 days as minimum time in the institution, after having met the objectives stipulated for the 2nd stage. In this stage you will learn to identify and face different risk situations in a positive way, as well as to maintain abstinence from toxic substances.
It must equally be incorporated permanently into the ergotherapy activities
The recreational outings directed to the beach will have as a prerequisite to have achieved a score of 17 points (85%) of the evaluation score of the week before departure). These departures may be suspended due to indiscipline committed despite having obtained 17 points.
- Accompanied recreational departures (Sundays and Wednesdays)
Time: 135 to 150 days (minimum 135 days)
The fundamental requirements in this stage is the stay in the institution for at least 135 days and have met the objectives set in the 3rd stage. Maintain abstinence from the consumption of toxins and lead a life regime according to the objectives that arise.
Within the CT will influence and positively support the rest of the members of the community. Equally, the ergotherapy activities will be permanently maintained, in addition to complying with the parameters of social reintegration.
- Accompanied recreational departures (Sundays and Wednesdays)
Therapeutic Community Exit and Patient Follow-up
The patient returns to his country of origin with the following recommendation:
- Participate in teaching activities or work activities.
- Recycling in the Therapeutic Community after 3 to 6 months of graduation with a stay of 15 days in individual and group psychotherapy activities, in addition, the particularities of the stay in your country and your family interaction will be analyzed. If necessary, a family member would accompany him to participate in the process of socio-family reintegration.
- After recycling, a recycling program is established that reduces visits to the center and extends their stay in the country of origin.
This variant of the exit allows to continue the individual and family work with the total reinsertion in the social environment from the new attitudes towards life that during the treatment have incorporated and that are of vital importance to facilitate the confrontation to new challenges and overcome the drug-dependence.
Sometimes, depending on individual particularities and at the request of the family, he is accompanied to his home country by a therapist with the aim of facilitating his social reintegration.
Once the patient is discharged, individual and family follow-up is not interrupted; This can be coordinated through visits from the therapist to the place of origin, visits that favor the evaluation of their own socio-professional-teaching environment, expand the participation of other members of the family and allow interaction with other therapists (who referred the patient or Support groups)
How to request this treatment?
You must make the official request through the form of our site.


That the patient enters the clinic voluntarily and is over 18 years old
Have no liver disease
That does not have HIV AIDS
That he does not have any psychic illness.
That is not carrier of Cardiopatía, Diabetes or Epilepsy that are descompensadas
Have a family member accompany you during the first 15 days of treatment
Minimum treatment time 3 months.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Therapeutic Scientific Council of the Clinic has the authority to accept or reject the patient's admission after the week of evaluation if it proves that the patient does not meet these requirements or their performance does not agree with the behavior required in the clinic. Please include this information in your treatment request. With the information that you send us in the form, the medical team makes a prior evaluation for the acceptance (not definitive) to treat the case, and it is indicated that you can travel to Cuba for the treatment. Once in the clinic, he undergoes evaluation to determine his definitive acceptance for the treatment.
Addiction Treatment. MEDICAL PROGRAM
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