Please fill out the following form to request the Medical Treatment you want.

Filling out this form is important because it allows specialists to make a prior evaluation of your case and issue a judgment about your possibilities for treatment in Cuba.
Please read the following content and apply it according to your case:
  • For requests for treatment against vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia, you do not need to send a summary of your medical history, it is enough that you have been diagnosed by a specialist, you do not need to present any document.
  • For Cosmetic Surgery Program applications you must send a front and profile photo of the area you wish to be treated, weight, height, and if you smoke.
  • For patient care requests with diabetic foot ulcers, you must send us a photo of the lesions.
    Requests for Addiction Treatment must be specified if the patient enters voluntarily.
  • The evaluation of other Medical Programs requires that you send us a summary of your updated medical history and the results of previously performed medical examinations.

If any additional information is necessary, it will be requested in a timely manner.
Your request for medical attention will be confirmed by one of our advisors within 24 hours.
The specialists will respond with medical criteria within 7 business days.

If you have any questions you can contact one of our advisors +53 5 2730507 / +53 5 0136680

Medical Services Providers