Cosmetic Surgery Programs in Cuba

Remodeling the body is an ancient human eagerness

Plastic surgery is the medical specialty that through surgery seeks to reconstruct deformities and correct functional deficiencies through  transformation of the human body. The word "plastic" is originally from the Greek "plastikos" which means to mold or transform.

The purpose is that the patient who has been born with a congenital defect or has suffered an accident that has caused him to lose his function reaches normality both in his appearance and in the function of his body. It also allows to provide the aesthetic improvement by remodeling the body to make it more attractive.

Plastic Surgery has been divided from a practical point of view into two fields of action.

Reconstructive or Reconstructive Surgery, which includes microsurgery, is focused on disguising and reconstructing the destructive effects of an accident or trauma.

The Reconstructive Surgery makes use of osteosynthesis techniques, transfer of tissues by means of flaps and antologous transplants from healthy parts of the body to those affected.

Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is performed with the purpose of changing those parts of the body that are not satisfactory for the patient. In many cases, however, there are medical reasons (for example, Reduction Mammoplasty when there are orthopedic problems in the Lumbar Spine, or Blepharoplasty in severe Blefarochalasis cases that even prevent sight)

 The difference between Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive and Reconstructive Surgery is sometimes imperceptible, because as already mentioned many procedures of Cosmetic Surgery come to solve a pathology that affects the function.

Plastic Surgery has a great development in Cuba, which have large plastic surgeons who have made important contributions to the world plastic surgery.

The desire to give the human figure the profiles closest to perfection has been, from the most remote times, the commitment of man.

Aesthetic surgery, with the incorporation of technological advances, guarantees to improve human quality of life, giving solutions to many aspects, not only associated with skin aging, but also congenital deformities or acquired by many patients.

Looking for a better quality of life we ​​offer you the most innovative techniques, as well as the aesthetic surgery programs developed applied by an experienced team of Cuban specialists.

The Cuban medical centers present the ISO 9001 certification of 2008 by the Bureau Verita and the endorsement of thousands of patients who for more than two decades have traveled to our country to perform aesthetic surgeries.


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