Course of Colonoscopy and Diagnostic Rectosigmoidoscopy in Cuba

Principal Professor: Dr. C. Raúl Brizuela Quintanilla, First and Second Degree Specialist in Gastroenterology. Associate Professor. Assistant Researcher.

Duration Time: 4 Weeks
Number of Credits: 13
Places: Maximum 2
Spanish Language


Unit 1: Generalities.

Unit 2: Colonoscopy and diagnostic rectosigmoidoscopy.

Topic 3: Therapeutic colonoscopy.

General objectives:

Develop endoscopic skills to perform colonoscopy and rectosigmoidoscopy.

Interpret the various endoscopic images and their treatment.

Establish behaviors in multidisciplinary management, among endoscopists, radiologists, anesthesiologists and nurses, that patients who undergo these tests need.

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