Course of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy of the Upper Digestive Tract

Principal Professor: Dr. C. Raúl Brizuela Quintanilla, First and Second Degree Specialist in Gastroenterology. Associate Professor. Assistant Researcher.

Duration Time: 4 Weeks
Number of Credits: 13
Places: Maximum 2
Spanish Language


Topic 1: Generalities of endoscopy of the upper digestive tract (TDS).

Topic 2: Diagnostic endoscopy.

Topic 3: Most frequent endoscopic treatments.

Topic 4: Complex therapeutics of the digestive tract and management of complications.

General objectives:

Present generalities about digestive endoscopy.

Develop skills for endoscopic procedures.

Recognize and develop skills to interpret the various endoscopic images.

Establish behaviors for the different endoscopic therapies: methods, indications, contraindications, complications and behavior before them.

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