Cursos Oncology Courses, Trainings and Diplomas in Cuba

Oncology courses of the National Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Cuba


Course Name Modality Prices Credits
Radiotherapy Diplomado  9280.00 94
Oncological surgery for head and neck tumors Diplomado  18304.00 190
Oncology Gynecology Diplomado  16864.00 171
Tumor immunology Curso 320.00 2
Oncology Gynecology Entrenamiento  4240.00 44
Management of ophthalmic tumors Diplomado  8320.00 83
Reconstructive Surgery for Oncological Defects Diplomado  11616.00 121
Nuclear Medicine, clinical applications Diplomado  4000.00 94
Reconstructive techniques in dermato-oncological surgery Entrenamiento  960.00 10
Oncologic surgery Diplomado  16639.00 170
Surgical clinical management of breast pathology-Senology Diplomado  16640.00 166
Learning of abdominal, transvaginal and transrectal ultrasound, soft tissue and breast Entrenamiento  6040.00 50
Pain care and palliative care Entrenamiento  3520.00 36
Nursing in Antineoplastic Chemotherapy Entrenamiento  7040.00 36
Nursing in the Qururgical Unit Entrenamiento  4544.00 47
Oncology Nursing Entrenamiento  3520.00 36
Evaluation and management in Bronchoscopy Entrenamiento  3808.00 121
General Ultrasound with an emphasis on Oncology Entrenamiento 3840.00 39
Emergency Images in Oncology "What the doctor should know" Diplomado 2896.00 30
Imágenes de urgencia en Oncología  “Lo que el médico debe conocer”   Entrenamiento 1280.00 12
General ultrasound Entrenamiento 1184.00 11
Doppler ultrasound Entrenamiento 704.00 7
Interventional Ultrasound in Oncology Entrenamiento 960.00 9
Molecular bases of cancer Curso 832.00 4
Role of computerized axial tomography in oncological diseases Entrenamiento 3648.00 6
Valor diagnóstico de la tomografía axial computarizada en las enfermedades oncológicas. Diplomado 7680.00 72
Good Practices in Oncology clinical research Curso 960.00 10
Assessment and management of needle aspiration biopsy.Transbronchial TBNA in bronchoscopy Entrenamiento 640.00 6
Comprehensive pain management in cancer patients Entrenamiento 864.00 3
Tumors of the oral cavity Entrenamiento 8448.00 22
Theoretical practical course on Prostate Cancer curso 704.00 2
Breast reconstruction for breast cancer Entrenamiento 3840.00 35
Psychological intervention in chronic diseases: Diabetes and Cancer. Entrenamiento 960.00 4
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