DENTAL IMPLANT Treatment in Cuba

Treatment for dental implant in Cuba The treatment time depends on the results of the exams, that is, it varies depending on the patient, but we have the premise in our services of providing immediacy, and in a short time, satisfying the patient requesting treatment.
The Implantological Treatment consists of 3 Phases that can be paid independently.
I - Diagnostic Phase:
Evaluative Consultation that includes:
a.-A specialized consultation with a Prosthetic Specialist.
Preparation of Clinical History, Impression Taking for Study Models, Panoramic X-ray Indication.
b.- A consultation with the multidisciplinary team.
Presentation of the patient by the atrtendant specialist, Panoramic X-Ray Evaluation, Complementary Evaluation, Determination of the type of surgical intervention that is indicated for the patient. As well as the measures of the implant to be placed, if it is tributary or has the conditions to be implanted, definition of the definitive rehabilitative treatment, presentation and approval by the patient of what is proposed to be done. If the patient is not tributary to the implant, rehabilitation treatment variants are proposed.

When it is determined that the patient is tributary to implant the intervention is performed in 24, 48 or 72 hours starting the surgical phase.
Price: 175.00 USD

II- Surgical Dhase
There are three price variants depending on the number of implants to be placed:
1 Implant: 745.00 USD
2 to 5 Implants: 700.00 USD each
More than 6 implants: 650.00 USD each.
These prices include surgery and all the costs of materials and equipment that this entails, as well as two evolution consultations.
III- Rehabilitation Phase
You must wait at least one month to continue the rehabilitation phase, this may vary (before the month or within 4 or 6 months depending on the results we obtain after evaluating the patient).
The definitive treatment is performed with porcelain metal crowns.
Price: 300.00 USD each crown
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