Executive Stomatological Check-up in Cuba


Whatever your age, taking care of your oral health is crucial to your overall good health because your mouth and your body are connected. However, half of the people in the world suffer from oral diseases, such as tooth decay and gum disease, which can affect all the things we take for granted, like eating, talking, and smiling.

Executive Stomatological Checkup

- Specialized consultation of Comprehensive General Stomatology with oral examination, preparation of Clinical History, Diagnosis, and Referral to specialties if necessary. Education for health

- Exam for the early diagnosis of Oral Cancer

- Specialized consultation with Prosthesis

- 3D Digital Panoramic Radiography

- Control of Dentobacterial Plaque (3 sessions)

- Re consultation of EGI

Cost $ 150.00 CUC

Blepharoplast Removal of loose skin from the eyelids
Otoplasty  Rectification of the defects of the ears
Rhinoplasty  Rectification of nose defects

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