The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. (CSMC, S.A.) is the entity authorized to market academic health services in Cuba.

Requests are made personally through the email

Once your request has been sent, you must be informed of the receipt of it by CSMC, S.A. and subsequently, within a period of less than 30 days, you will receive the acceptance letter from the University of Medical Sciences where it was located.

The interested party must respond shortly whether or not he accepts the assigned university. As soon as you agree with the location that has been possible, the management of this university will be in charge of establishing the necessary link, until the end of your studies.

Contents of this page

  1. Generalities
  2. Requirements for Enrollment
  3. Health certificate of your Country
  4. Cuba Health Insurance
  5. About Postgraduate Extensions
  6. Benefits for Graduates of Cuban Universities
  7. The prices of the Specialties include
  8. Accommodation and feeding
  9. Additional costs
  10. Changes to the Content of the Programs
  11. Spanish Class
  12. Academic Visa

The awards are decisions of the universities, who reserve the right of admission.

Applications are received throughout the year with no deadlines.

Specialties will begin each year in January (for applications received between September and December) and September (for applications received between January and August).

Professional improvement activities (courses, trainings, internships or diplomas, which can be from one week to one year in duration as appropriate) will begin according to the date on which they are offered or also by express request of the applicant, provided that this is possible.

Applications for specialties will be registered in a database and are only valid for the academic period for which it was requested. If you do not enter that period, you must re-make the formal application corresponding to the next call for the academic year.


1.Photocopy of the Professional Title:

Duly legalized at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the country of origin.

The foreign citizen who has not obtained his higher education degree in a higher education center in Cuba, and is interested in enrolling in an academic postgraduate program, must present the original degree legalized by the Cuban Embassy in the country where he obtained it, legalize it in the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Cuba and later present it in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Higher Education for its recognition or validation.

This is a requirement to be accepted as a student in the program.

If necessary, an official translation into the Spanish language, also legalized, must be included.


Duly updated. The data that appear in the official document constitute the mandatory reference to verify the legality of all the documents presented by the applicant and for this all official documents issued by the institution will be made.

3.Curriculum Vitae (summary of your academic resume)

4.Photocopy of Certification of Notes:

Of the career in which he graduated, when it comes to academic training activities, duly legalized at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the country of origin or residence.

5.Health certificate:

Obtained in a period not exceeding three months before starting the studies and legalized at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the country of origin or residence, which includes, in addition to the declaration that it does not carry communicable diseases and specifically the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), as well as disabling physical or mental impediments for the exercise of the profession to which it aspires and in the case of females, a certificate that ensures that they are not pregnant.

Violation of this requirement implies immediate return to the country of origin or residence, applying the discount regulations established for this.

If during the international health control to which the student is subjected upon arrival, or after this, he is diagnosed with a disabling disease or pregnancy, it also implies the immediate return to his country of origin or residence, applying the established discounts.

6.Document certifying that you do not have a criminal record:

Legalized at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the country of origin or residence.


Purchased from the ASISTUR health insurance provider company, which can be purchased prior to or within the week after arrival in Cuba.

If the student has any, they can bring it and ASISTUR determines if it is valid and / or compatible with those that it offers.

For the acquisition of the health insurance established by the Cuban state law, the cost must be coordinated with the ASISTUR company, through the website: Information on the coverage provided by health insurance can be obtained through the following electronic address:

It must be coordinated with the ASISTUR company if they accept health insurance that students have in their country of origin.

The price of these insurances depends on age, sex, diseases, etc.

There are health insurances acquired in the country of origin or in other countries that are homologated with ASISTUR insurance, the only entity authorized to determine its homologation or not.


ADDRESS: Paseo del Prado, No. 2018, Between Trocadero and Colón

Tel: (53-7) 866 4499/866 8920/866 8339/867 1314/867 1315

FAX: (53-7) 866 8087

In all cases, upon arrival in Cuba, the student must go immediately to the University of Medical Sciences that accepted him for the International Sanitary Control, which is mandatory, for approximately 10 days.

During this period, the student may opt for accommodation and meals in the university facilities provided for accommodation if there is availability, which will be paid according to the prices established for this concept in the facilities of the National Health System.

The date established for the beginning of the specialties is in January and September of each year. In all cases, the student must present himself at least 10 days in advance before the beginning of the academic year to complete his enrollment and international health control at the UCM where the place has been assigned.

For postgraduate students (residents) who request accommodation with meals included in student residences belonging to or linked to the National Health System, only the half-board option is offered, which includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner at night.

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays if you will have the right to lunch.

The feeding schedule established by each institution must be taken into account and the delivery of food outside of it is not guaranteed.

The Universities of Medical Sciences in Cuba are located in different provinces of the country: Pinar del Río, Havana, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Villa Clara, Sancti Spíritus, Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey; Las Tunas, Holguín, Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo.

The study plan for each specialty is unique throughout the country and its implementation is carried out under the same conditions for all postgraduate residents, both Cuban and foreign.

The title to be obtained by graduates of the specialties is: Specialist in ... "name of the specialty".


If the student falls behind in the development of the execution of his academic program, for reasons not attributable to the institution, he could submit a request for an extension to the authorities of his university, which would be analyzed and if approved, he must pay the sum which is calculated based on the extra time to be extended. Similar treatment will have the addition of content and / or objectives to the study program for the student's interest.


A discount of up to three percent (3%) of the value of the academic year is authorized if the full payment is made before the start of the academic year.

Exceptionally, graduates from Cuban medical science universities will be entitled to a one-time discount on the total tuition fee in the event that they request continuity of studies in any of the postgraduate modalities provided for in this Resolution and in the form that is related below:
You benefit from the following discounts, in a single condition:

  1. More comprehensive graduate of the university up to fifty percent;
  2. More comprehensive graduate of the faculty up to thirty percent;
  3. Graduated with a Gold Title up to twenty percent;

The rest of the graduates have the right to opt for one of the following discounts:

  1. Medical science majors up to ten percent;
  2. Masters and doctorates up to five percent;
  3. Professional improvement activities up to ten percent.


Tuition is priced at $ 1,000.00 USD for all medical, dental, and nursing specialties, and this is independent of specialty prices.

In addition to the enrollment, the price is established for each academic year according to the classification groups of the specialties.

Prices for academic services include:

  • Right to attend all teaching and optional activities, both theoretical and practical,
  • Right to all exams, including the final state exam.
  • Certification of grades for academic periods and the final.
  • Delivery of the specialist title legalized by the University at the end of the specialty.
  • Use of library services during studies,
  • Access to sports and cultural areas of the medical university and participation in its different modalities.
  • Scientific advice for research work and Residence Completion Work.


  • Non-academic services such as accommodation and food
  • National or international transportation
  • Telephone or Internet communications.
  • Books, printing materials, teaching aids, medical instruments.
  • Visas, identity documents.
  • Translations
  • Legalizations of documents before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the embassies.
  • Health insurance or medical attention, procedures and transfer of the corpse in case of death.


Price: USD 10.75 per day per person (includes breakfast, lunch and accommodation)

Accommodation: Rooms with beds, air-conditioned or with fans with capacity for up to 4 people. The bathrooms at the rate of up to 4 students per module.

The meals, directed menu, which are offered in the student residences for Cuban university students, based on traditional Cuban cuisine, following Cuban food standards under current conditions. The student has the option of consuming it or not, but will not receive accommodation or other offers. The offer of vegetarian meals or of any other nature that responds to religious beliefs and / or cultural factors is not available.

All students housed in student residences belonging to the National Health System are required to comply with the Disciplinary Regulations established in each institution.

Other accommodation variants:

  • Hotels
  • Duly legalized private tenant houses.
Accommodation in non-legalized houses is a violation of the Regulations for Foreign Students in Cuba.


Applicants must anticipate expenses that are not included in the prices of academic services or accommodation and food, such as:

  • Legalization of the documents to be delivered, the costs of which must be coordinated with the Cuban Embassy in the country of origin or residence.
  • Granting of the academic visa whose costs must be coordinated with the Cuban Embassy in the country of origin or residence. To do this, once you have known that you have been accepted, you must send to the email address ( with no less than 60 days prior to the proposed travel date, the data that appear in the form of this page.
  • If the academic visa has not been granted before traveling, the student may do so with a tourist visa and make the change of immigration status upon arrival, the amount of which is USD 40.00 in stamps and obtain the identification document issued by the Immigration Directorate and Immigration of the Republic of Cuba, whose amount is 10.00 USD.


  • The programs of the specialties of Medicine / Nursing / Stomatology and Health Psychology, cannot suffer variations by default in terms of time and content.
  • It is possible to add time or hourly and contained charges at the request of the interested party by means of a written request and analysis of the group of experts appointed by the Rector of the University of Medical Sciences where they will study.
  • The applicant must pay the payment corresponding to the time and / or content added according to technical opinion.
  • There is no possibility of eliminating time or content declared in the study programs of each specialty.
  • The programs of the specialties are not sent before your arrival and officialization of your enrollment.
  • Only general information about the specialty is sent at the request of the student, but never the full curriculum.
  • Upon arrival, the student has the right to know the modules, terms and the evaluation system that make up the study program of the specialty that the student will study.


The preparatory course is mandatory for foreign students whose native language is not Spanish, with the exception of those who demonstrate their proficiency in the Spanish language through a proficiency test (oral and written), by personal request, prior to starting. of their studies. It will be an indispensable condition for the continuity of university studies, that students pass the preparatory studies.

Duration of the preparatory course: 20 weeks
Sufficiency exam: It is carried out at any time prior to the start of the course
Price of the Spanish language proficiency test: 100.00 USD
Price for the preparatory Spanish course: 3,00O, 00 USD

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