Hospital Julito Diaz

Hospital de Rehabilitación Julito Díaz


Cuba has prestigious Neurological Rehabilitation and Restoration centers and for more than half a century it has graduated generations of physiatrists and therapists, who deliver their knowledge without borders, convinced that Rehabilitation is the most humane response to disability.

Preceded by an international medical care experience of more than 20 years, the Julito Díaz Hospital, the La Pradera International Health Center, the CIREN and others, each with its specificities, which have modern facilities, offer neurological rehabilitation and restoration programs for adults and children with neurological deficiencies, injuries to the osteomyoarticular and cardiovascular systems, oncological diseases, language, phonation and hearing disorders. n through comprehensive, intensive and personalized medical programs.

The high professional and scientific level, the experience and the ethical and human values of the professionals who work in these facilities make possible the positive results and prestige achieved to this day.

These centers have in their logistics areas of children's and adult gyms, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, natural and traditional medicine, evaluation and treatment laboratory for balance, posture and gait disorders, and occupational therapy. , audiology service, speech therapy and speech therapy, clinical psychology, ozone service, podiatry, play therapy, equine therapy, prisoner therapy, nutritional guidance, massage and sauna area, defectology a, among other therapies.

To guarantee the comfort of your stay, we have double rooms, air conditioning, cable TV, hot water, valuables safe, telephone and mini bar, as well as restaurants and other added values.< /p>


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