Immunotherapy treatments with Cuban medications


Immunotherapy is a type of therapy in which substances are used to stimulate or inhibit the immune system and in this way help the body fight diseases such as cancer, infections and others.

Some types of immunotherapy only target certain cells of the immune system (made up of white blood cells, organs, and tissues of the lymphatic system).

It is known that although the immune system can prevent or slow the growth of cancer, cancer cells have ways to avoid destruction by the immune system.

Immunotherapy stimulates the immune system to confront the neoplasia instead of directly attacking the tumor like conventional treatments. It is more specific and less toxic, improving your quality of life with treatment responses.

Some immunotherapies may be given in combination with chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. It can be used as maintenance therapy for combination chemotherapy and, in some situations, is used as monotherapy (a single drug).

Each type of immunotherapy is applied according to the needs of each patient determined by their treating specialist doctor.

There are several types of immunotherapy to treat cancer:

  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors are drugs that block immune checkpoints. These immune checkpoints are a normal component of the immune system and prevent immune responses from being very strong.

  • T cell transfer therapy is a treatment that strengthens the natural ability of T cells to fight cancer.

  • Monoclonal antibodies are immune system proteins created in the laboratory with the purpose of binding to specific targets on cancer cells.

  • Cancer treatment vaccines work by strengthening the immune system's response against cancer cells.

  • Immunomodulators are substances that intensify the body's immune response against cancer. Some of these substances affect specific parts of the immune system, while others affect the immune system more generally.

Immunotherapy in Cuba

In Cuba, scientists and engineers work in the field of monoclonal antibodies for diagnosis and treatment of cancer and diseases related to the immune system.

Since 1980, professionals from the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR), Center for Nuclear Immunology (CIN) carried out clinical trials with monoclonal antibodies in the selection of drugs and vaccines, those applied daily in the Cuban population, obtaining favorable results in responses to treatment.

In 2008, the Cimavax vaccine was approved against non-small cell lung cancer in advanced stages (IIIB and IV) and others such as Nimotuzumab monoclonal antibody used as supportive therapy mainly in patients with advanced cancer.

Another monoclonal antibody developed in the country and approved by the Cuban regulatory agency is Vaxira ® (Racotumomab) that induces a specific response against different types of solid tumors.

HeberFERON ®: developed for people with basal cell carcinoma type skin cancer. Indicated for injuries of any size and location, including high-risk areas.

Immunotherapy is no longer new in cancer treatment. It is now a standard treatment that oncologists use to treat more and more types of cancer.

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