Instructions for ONLINE Payment

The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos de Cuba (CSMC) has contracted the company TROPICAL NATUR to use its ONLINE Payment Gateway.

This modality is an easy, safe and fast way for you to fulfill your payment obligations for medical services in Cuba.

We suggest you read the following steps carefully and if you have any doubts we suggest you consult the representative who is assisting you before making the payment operation.

STEP 1 Request ONLINE Payment
To request payment ONLINE you must fill out the form that appears in the link: ONLINE PAYMENT (See at the end).
By filling out this form you are officially requesting to be sent the link to make the payment for the service you will receive.
The information requested in this form is not related to your credit card details, you only enter them in the gateway which are confidential.

When we receive your request you will be sent by email an invitation with the link to the page where you must access to make the payment.
We show in the following image an example of the email you will receive.

STEP 2 Select the card to pay with
Click on the blue icon shown, the following page will appear:
Please read carefully the terms and conditions and check the type of card you will pay with.

STEP 3 Make the payment Once you indicate the type of card with which you are going to pay, the following page will appear:

On this page you will see the price of the Medical Program that you must pay in USD and the boxes to enter your card information (number and security code).
The amount to be paid will be charged between 4% and 6.5% for the cost of the card transaction.
STEP 4 and final Submit proof of payment
Once the payment has been made, you must send to the following receipt for confirmation of your payment

You must take a screenshot and email it to us as proof of payment.

Please fill out the following form to request payment of the Medical Treatments. ONLINE PAYMENT

Please fill out the following form to request payment of the Medical Studies. ONLINE PAYMENT

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