International Health Center La Pradera

La Pradera International Health Center. It belongs to the Cuban National Health System and is an institution of great international prestige that was built in an environment surrounded by nature and comfort.
The Prairie was inaugurated by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz on November 1, 1996.
In its corridors and premises there is silence, order, cleanliness, light and the green environment surrounded by more than a thousand plants, including trees of different species and lands cultivated with shrubs and medicinal herbs for use in therapies.

 In this hospital-hotel, designed as such for its architecture, some 540 workers work and has 152 rooms equipped with the necessary comforts for a comfortable stay, such as air conditioning, cable television, hot and cold water, safe, telephone with national and international communication and mini bar, 17 of them have special conditions for the disabled, while seven are residences of three and four rooms, with concierge service, cook and nurse.

The facility maintains restaurant and cafeteria service, swimming pool, sports areas, shop, post office, hairdressing salon, international pharmacy, tourist reservation bureau and rental of rooms for events.
The Pradera International Health Center was conceived to develop Tourism Health and Medical Tourism in Cuba and in its 20 years of existence have attended 70 800 patients from 112 nations, in physical rehabilitation and the solution to various clinical conditions.
  La Pradera has a modern center for physical medicine and rehabilitation, which develops recovery programs for neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular, respiratory, speech-therapy, phonology and audiology diseases. They are characterized by intensive, systematic and comprehensive activities. Attended by teams of experienced professionals, highly knowledgeable in the work, most of whom are founders of the institution, which results in contributing to the consolidation of the center's work.
With this purpose, the multidisciplinary groups of doctors and other related professionals have different health programs implemented, according to the protocols practiced in Cuba, which endorse scientific results and health indicators similar to those obtained by First World countries.

La Pradera offers, among others, the following Medical Programs:

  The Cuban experience is exploited with vaccines for advanced lung cancer, monoclonal drugs for malignant tumors of the head and neck, Heberprot-P for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and wounds difficult to heal, more the range of natural products and alternative therapies, applied successfully to their patients.

  The largest number of oncological patients arrived at the center receive treatments with Cuban vaccines against tumors of the lung, known as CIMAvax-EGF® and VAXIRA®, registered in Cuba since 2008 and member of the national basic medicine table since 201.

International Health Center La Pradera de Cuba
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