Medical Doctorate Programs in Cuba


Applications for doctorates must be approved by the competent authorities of the University of Medical Sciences or the corresponding Research Center according to the research topic and its development possibilities in said institutions. For this, the applicant must present the research topic and the requested doctorate.

Research topics will always be related to scientific problems in the applicant's country of origin, although exceptionally, depending on the case, with prior authorization, the research could be carried out in Cuba.

Once your application is approved, you will be communicated electronically to begin with the relevant procedures.

The doctoral programs last 4 years, which does not mean that they cannot be completed in less time. The minimum time of stay in Cuba, to carry them out, is one year, this time divided into stages throughout the chosen doctoral program, according to the requirements of the research development process and the presentation of the minimum examinations. candidate, pre-defense and defense of the degree. (Instruction No. 1 of 2011 of the Ministry of Higher Education)

The degree that can be obtained, according to the research topic, is listed below:

  • Doctor of Medical Sciences
  • Doctor of Stomatological Sciences
  • Doctor of Health Sciences
  • Doctor of Science in Medical Education
  • Doctor of Nursing Sciences

The modalities and prices are:
Price: 12 000.00 USD
Duration: 4 years.

Minimum time of stay in the Cuban institution: 1 year (divided into stages, according to the requirements of the development schedule)

Tuition: 1 000.00 USD (payment by bank transfer before the program start date)

Minimum candidate exams: Payment must be made by bank transfer 30 days before the exam date), which are detailed below:

  • Foreign Language 1 000.00 USD (languages ​​approved for Spanish-speakers English, French and German
  • Social Problems of Science: 1,000.00 USD
  • Specialty: 1,000.00 USD
  • Pre-defense: 1,500.00 USD (payment by bank transfer 30 days before its completion)
  • Defense: 2,500.00 USD (payment by bank transfer 30 days before its completion)
  • Tutoring and / or consultancy: 4,000.00 USD to be paid in two equal installments 2,000.00 USD each term, the first during the first 30 days after the start of the program and the other before the beginning of the last year.

Failure to pay on the scheduled dates determines the non-continuation of the studies and / or cancellation of the contract.

If the applicant is delayed in the development of the execution of his research, for reasons not attributable to the institution, he could submit a request for an extension for one year or two years, which would be consulted with the National Commission of Scientific Degrees and if approved , you must pay the amount calculated based on the extra time to be extended and you must stay at the center for at least two months in order to conclude the process.

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