Most Frequent Questtions about Vidatox


  1. What is Vidatox?
  2. How does Vidatox work?
  3. Is Vidatox Toxic?
  4. Does Vidatox interfere with other cancer treatments? (Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy ... etc)
  5. What is the way to administer Vidatox ?
  6. What benefits can you expect from Vidatox?
  7. In which types of Cancer is Vidatox expected to be more effective?
  8. What is angiogenesis?
  9. How to obtain VIDATOX?



  1. What is Vidatox?

Vidatox is the name given to a natural product made from a homeopathic extract of the toxin extract of Rhopalurus Junceus (Blue Scorpion).


  1. How does Vidatox work?

 It does not attack the malignant cell directly, but acts by preventing its development by inhibiting the cell membrane and preventing the development of new blood vessels of the tumor, improves the quality of life of all patients with cancer.


  1. Is Vidatox Toxic?

In toxicological studies, it was demonstrated that "Vidatox" has no adverse reactions. In other words, it is not toxic.


  1. Does Vidatox interfere with other cancer treatments?

It does not have any interference with other treatments that are applied against cancer, such as surgery, cytostatic, chemotherapy or radiation. But it does improve the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer ...


  1.  What is the way to administer Vidatox ?

It is a treatment administered sublingually. The patient has a series of dietary restrictions that accompany the therapy precisely to improve the absorption of the drug and to ensure that it is acting and circulating 24 hours a day.


  1. What benefits can you expect from Vidatox?

The benefits that can be expected with the use of Vidatox as an alternative treatment for Cancer are:

Increase of appetite and consequently increase the patient's body weight.

It improves the quality of sleep without the need to ingest Psychopharmaceuticals or the reduction of doses of these medicines.

It contributes to pain relief and / or decreases in the frequency and dose of the use of Morphine or its derivatives.

Contributes to alleviate the undesirable effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It makes chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions tolerable and effective by reducing undesirable effects.

Improvement of the patient's immune response.

The magnitude of the manifestation of these life symptoms depends on the stage of the disease, and deterioration of the general state of the patient, at the beginning of treatment.


  1. In which types of Cancer is Vidatox  more effective?

... We have observed, as for example in lung cancer, liver, digestive pathways in the general sense and prostate and breast. We have observed that there is a positive clinical and laboratory response that reaches almost 97 percent. When we say clinical response we do not talk about a total cure in 97 percent of patients, but this percentage experiences improvement, increased quality of life and survival, and in a large percentage of total tumor cure ...”


  1. What is angiogenesis?

Angiogenesis is the process of forming new blood vessels within the body. Apart from pregnancy, the human being presents angiogenesis in only 2 cases: (1) when a wound heals; (2) in pathological tissue, as in Cancer. A tumor can only thrive only when it creates new blood vessels that provide nutrients and oxygen. Some of the actions that have demonstrated the effectiveness of blue scorpion venom are to promote apoptosis (programmed cell death) and to eliminate angiogenesis.


  1. How to obtain VIDATOX?

It is necessary for the patient, a relative or friend, to travel to Cuba and present the case to the medical team of  La Pradera Health Center.

Patient presence is not required

It is necessary to present a copy of the medical history with the diagnosis and status of the disease, as well as the results of the most current tests if you have them.

Patients are received every day from Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM to 12.00 PM,

We recommend arriving between Sunday Monday and Tuesday.

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