ON LANE CONSULTATIONThe ONLINE medical consultation is aimed at those patients who have been processed by our agency and who have also been accepted for medical treatment and have sent their Medical Treatment Program in Cuba.
If you have any questions about the content of the program sent or wish to deepen it, you can, through an ONLINE Consultation, interview with the doctor who developed your program and who will treat you in Cuba, we suggest you fill out the form that we show you in this page.
  1. The hours of the consultations are foreseen for the local time of Cuba.
  2. Dates and times are subject to availability.
  3. If your language is not Spanish, we suggest that you have a translator available on the day of the consultation.
  4. Price = 45 USD Duration = 30 minutes
  5. Request: Minimum 7 business days before.
  6. Our Response: 3 business days after the request.
  7. Payment: ON LINE Minimum 3 business days before the consultation.
  8. Once the payment is confirmed, we will send you the link to access the consult.
NOTE: If you have not yet requested medical attention with us, please fill out the form:
If you want another person to participate in the interview with the specialist (your doctor or another family member), you can indicate the email on the form to make the invitation.

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