Application Form for Payments for Medical Studies in Cuba
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The ONLINE payment method that we offer meets all the necessary security requirements that guarantees the privacy and security of your information.

The purpose of this form is only for you formally request our invitation with the link of the payment gateway of the Cuban Medical Services Marketer CSMC to make the payment of the service you will receive.

As you can see the information that we request is not related to the data of your card, they are simply generalities to be able to make you the invitation to pay, you are the one who makes the charge.

Our gateway does not accept e-mails whose address is
It is not suggested to make the payment from your phone, usually the gateway does not accept it.

After filling out this form, we send you an email with the invoice for your services and the link to the gateway.

The ONLINE payment can be made from your home before the trip or you can do it once you are at the medical institution that treats you.

for your payment request
The name of the holder must be as it is on the card

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