Electrofulguration of Endometrious Focus

Medical Program for Electrofulguration of Endometriosis Focus by Minimum Access

Endometriosis is a disease in which a tissue similar to the endometrium (mucosa that lines the inside of the uterus and develops during the cycle and is expelled during menstruation), is outside the uterus where it induces a chronic inflammatory reaction that can result in scar tissue.
The endometriotic foci can be implanted in the most unsuspected sites, the most frequent being the ovaries, the tubes, the ligaments that support the uterus, the peritoneum and sometimes in the intestine and bladder. In very rare cases it has been found in the diaphragm and in the lungs.
In these extrauterine sites, the endometrial tissue develops in the form of "nodules," "tumors," "lesions," "grafts," or "growths" of endometrial tissue in places where it should not be.
It is a disease that affects  young and adult women, during their years of fertility.
The objectives to be followed in the treatment of endometriosis are: relieve pain, stop or at least delay the progress of the disease and preserve or restore fertility.
Laparoscopy is the best detection method available, with diagnostic accuracy due to the amplification of the optic system, rapid recovery, decrease in the neoformation of adhesions, it also allows to determine its extension, degree of activity and perform surgical treatment at the same time. .
The surgical technique can be conservative or radical, depending on the age and symptomatology of the patient, the extent and location of the disease. Surgical treatment also includes electrofulguration of endometriosis foci. The need for its use instead of laparotomy should be emphasized in cases with suspected endometriosis.
The treatment of endometriosis implies recognizing that it is a chronic and progressive disease, that warrants treatment, although fertility is not desired, because the advance of it causes serious complications, the most frequent being the intestinal and urinary.
Medical Program
Hospitalization (1 day)
Hospitalization in a private room, with meald included
Attention of the attending physician for hospitalized patient. (medical round visit)
Initial evaluation and preparation of clinical history
Other medical checkups by specialists
Preoperative investigations
Complete blood count
Minimum coagulogram
Blood group ABO and RH
Serology (VDRL)
Test of antibodies against HIV-1/2.
Chest x-ray.
Pathological anatomy research
Diagnostic biopsy of surgical pieces
 Gynecological ultrasound
Surgery. General anesthesia
Electrofulguration of endometrial foci
Medical report. Conclusions and recommendations
Note: Accommodation for 40.00 CUC per day with meals included.
Medications, disposable material, blood, derivatives or their substitutes and artificial support materials are excluded.
The medical programs are designed to perform the preoperative study on an outpatient basis. If the patient prefers to be hospitalized, the preoperative stay increases in two or three days depending on the scheduled surgery.
The National Center of Minimum Access of Cuba offers you the opportunity to do this procedure
Electrofulguration of Endometriosis Foci
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