Gynecology and Obstetrics Programs

Eutocic Birth

Medical Program
Hospitalization (3 days)
Hospitalization in private room (meals and nursing care included)
Inpatient care (round  medical visit)
Consultation with Specialists in
Physiological Neonatal Care
Reconsultation with the  Obstetrician
Complete Hemogram
Serology (VDRL)
Rapid antibody test against HIV-1/2
Delivery. Local Anesthesia  
Eutocic birth
Right to delivery room
Post operative resuscitation
Right living room for monitoring in delivery room
Medical report, conclusions and recommendations.
Note: The lodging of the companion has an additional cost of 40.00 USD per day with feeding included.

Excludes drugs, disposable material, blood, derivatives or their substitutes.

Eutocic Delivery
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