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Mastopexy Remodeling of the Form of the Breasts

Breast shape remodeling
Breast shape remodeling in Cuba Surgery for the correction of breast ptosis is called Mastopexy. We can differentiate three types of surgical interventions depending on the group to which the breasts belong.

Group I: Large or hypertrophic breasts. The ptosis is due to an excess of gland and / or adipose tissue and this surgery is known as reducing mammoplasty. In fact, virtually every breast hypertrophy presents a greater or lesser degree of ptosis, except in cases of virginal hypertrophy appearing at puberty and treated before the weight affects the skin.

Group II: Breasts volumen is appropriate to woman's body but there is an excess of skin. To correct it, it will be necessary to remove the surplus so that the cutaneous support adapts to the size of the breast in the appropriate position. This surgery is not as simple as you could imagine: to remove what is left over from the skin is not enough because the breast content must  also be treated in order to prevent, or at least delay, a later fall. As we said, the alteration is mainly in the skin, which has lost its elasticity, so there are great chances that the chest will fall again when only the result is maintained based on skin restraint.

Group III: It concerns the sagging breasts whose volume does not reach the normal size or the one desired by the patient. When this happens it is necessary to resort to the placement of a prosthesis to increase its volume. If flaccidity is important, it may be necessary to remove excess skin.

Changes in breast volume due to changes in weight, pregnancy and breastfeeding, together with the involution of the mammary gland due to physiological hormonal changes, changes in skin elasticity, excessive sun exposure and lack of bra use are determining factors for the development of a sagging and flaccid breast.

In many occasions fallen breasts is due to an  volume excess. In both previous situations a mastopexy is indicated. The best candidate is awoman who has realistic expectations trying to improve their ailments and appearance and not the one that seeks perfection.

Treatment price: 1 630.00 USD
Hospitalization Nights: 5
General anesthesia
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Correction of Breast Ptosis
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