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The check-up is a comprehensive and individualized examination of the patient. The main benefit of the medical check-ups is that they allow diagnosing diseases at the initial stages, when they have not yet manifested symptoms.
Prevention is vital for the maintenance of healt

Medical checkups and tests can detect problems before they occur. They can also find problems early, when the chances of cure are greater. The tests and exams you need will depend on your age, health, family history and lifestyle, such as what you eat, how active you are, and if you smoke.

Clinical evaluations supplemented with different research not only allows you to confirm your good health, but also makes possible the diagnosis of clinical humoral alterations or diseases that in the early stage have a complete and simple medical solution in men, women and children of different ages.

Some people have chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, among others, and these are usually associated with risk factors that can produce different complications, if not adequately controlled.

In children, periodic medical evaluations imply considerations of the characteristics of each age. This is a stage of life where growth and development mark and define the physical, emotional and intellectual future of the human being; the monitoring of the evolution of these aspects is vital.

For the realization of each medical evaluation, some laboratory, imaging and electrophysiological investigations are required that allow highly qualified specialists to know their true state of health and make recommendations so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. These services are performed at out-patient consultations..

These Medical Check-ups are ambulatory, so you will need lodging and transportation services in Havana. If it is of your interest we can help you in the reservation and organization of your trip.

The minimum stay for a medical check-up is one week.

As this Medical Check-up is ambulatory, you need air ticket services, accommodation and transfers in Havana that we can offer you during the organization of your trip.

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