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Otoplasty. Rectification of the Defects of the Ears


Cosmetic surgery for remodeling the shape of the ears

The Otoplasty is cosmetic surgery to rectify defects in the ears. Otoplasty is a very simple aesthetic treatment aimed to correcting by a minimally invasive surgery aesthetic defects of the ears. These aesthetic defects can be very varied: from total absence of the ear to a very simple projection notable because of the absence of antehelix or helix. The most frequent otoplasty is the detached ears surgery.

Ears are a very important part of the facial structure. Any  ear malformation or aesthetic defect  can significantly affect l'attrait physique. "Elbow ears" is the  most common defect in  ears. In this case, otoplasty is responsible for correcting the angle formed by the ear and the head to about 30 degrees, that is, to fold the ears so that they do not protrude sideways.

Aesthetic otoplasty surgery harmonizes and recover the symmetry between all the facial features.

Ear surgery, more commonly called otoplasty, may be beneficial for children and adults. This type of surgery can have direct effects on the improvement of a person's self-esteem. The ears develop completely at the age of four. There are many children who undergo this surgery to feel more comfortable among their friends at school.

We also meet many adults who have suffered throughout their lives with big ears, they feel that need for surgery.
The ideal candidate for an otoplasty is a person who seeks psychological stability.
Benefits of doing an ear operation:
Increase in self-esteem
The ears are an element that is very visible to anyone, whether you are male or female. For many people suffering an ear defect  can be a  self-esteem problem and difficulties when having social relationships.

After  the surgery patients get to see ourselves better feeling much more comfortable.

This treatment is purely aesthetic. Patient undergo this surgery get to see ourselves better when we look in the mirror. Gaining security in ourselves and feeling comfortable will give us a happiness  hardly comparable with other things.
Serious complications are really rare such as allelective surgical procedures, risks such as bleeding, bruising or infection are minimal and controllable.


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Otoplasty.  Rectification of the defects of the ears
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Rectification of the Defects of the Ears
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