Cosmetic Surgery

Reductive Mastoplasty. Reduction of Breast Volume


Cosmetic surgery in Cuba for breast reduction

Through aesthetic surgery we can reduce the volume and the breasts, removing excess gland and skin.  

For some women, the weight and volume of their breasts is a burden that makes them  feel frustrated  for not being the image they want to have for themselves.

Overweight breasts often cause many problems for women   who have them:

    Spinal problems
Cervical pain
Alterations of the posture (bent)
Injury to the skin of the shoulders due to the weight they bear.
Skin lesions at the level of the submammary furrow.
Vicious position of the shoulders and back.
Psychological complexes

The incisions that will be then the location of the scars can be located:
Around the areolas only.
Around the areolas with a vertical that goes from the lower edge of these to the submammary groove.
Equal to the previous one, plus a horizontal one at the level of the submammary groove, (scar in inverted).

In patients with Caucasian (white) skin healing is generally good, if the size of the areola is large or asymmetric it can be reduced and focused on the same surgery.

Thanks to the reducing mammoplasty, you can reduce the size of the bust, in addition  giving it proper shape and position; the size is reduced, the areola-nipple complex ascends, the excess of skin is removed and the breast is positioned according to its new volume.


The prices are in USD
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Surgical Procedure Hospitalization Price
Reducing mastoplastia.  Breast volume reduction 5 nights
Reduction of Breast Volume
Abdominoplasty. Skin tightening and removal of abdominal fat
Blepharoplasty. Removal of loose skin and fat from the eyelids
Rhinoplasty. Rectification of nose defects
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