Quality of Life Program


Quality of life program in Cuba Ayurveda is the name of traditional Indian medicine. Its common objective is the unification of body-mind and spirit, proclaiming that disease and health are the result of the confluence of three main aspects of existence or doshas.

It is the traditional method of Ayurvedic Medicine that cleanses the body and mind of toxins, giving it health and vitality. The strengthening of the state of health begins by renewing the internal strength, this is achieved by all massages, treatments, Ayurvedic medicines, diet, herbs, yoga, meditation, Panchakarma routines. It is a wide range of resources with excellent results in the face of a chronic illness, a physical or mental pathology, an unbalanced state of health, or for the prevention of the disease.

It is not simply a detoxification program, a 3 or 4 day retreat, no, the Panchakarma is a great healing experience. It is the art of purification, deep detoxification and rejuvenation, Ayurveda is the science of lengthening life, Panchakarma is its star treatment that allows you to maintain or restore balance, harmony to live in a state of absence of disease.

Restore the level of energy, body strength, vigor, strengthen the immune system, the nervous system, give the body and mind the rest and relaxation they need, feel enthusiasm, joy to live, fill us with calm and love, can be achieved with the Panchakarma because it is, in all the meaning of the term, "Powerful." Therefore, due to its potency, its detoxification power, it must be done correctly. Otherwise, not only will there be no cure but it can be dangerous. All the treatments that are programmed in the Panchakarma are specific to the person who receives it. Because we are unique, different, our Panchakarma has to be suitable for each of us. Only then will it be correct, good, favoring the state of health and well-being. In charge of an Ayurvedic Medical Doctor, this powerful purification program has to be. It cannot be done without the supervision of an Ayurveda Doctor.

It is the Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine who develops the personalized therapeutic plan according to what each one needs for the elimination of toxins, to balance the level of doshas (biotypes, vital energies), the correct nutrition of dhatus (body tissues), everything it is necessary for in the case of illness, to be able to reverse it and thus achieve the state of health and prevent future alterations, keep the body strong and young. It is the Ayurvedic Doctor who will permanently evaluate the daily therapeutic action plan, treating what is behind the symptom, going towards the causes of the disease, of the imbalance, finding the roots of the problem. There are many therapies that are performed. There are many procedures. But all of them, personalized.
The La Pradera International Health Center has taken this method of quality of life for its powerful action in regulating the physical and mental health of this millenary procedure.
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