Refractive Surgery Training Course in Cuba

Training tutorial. International Postgraduate
Microincisional Lens Surgery

Title: Refractive Surgery
Type of activity: Training.
Specialty: Ophthalmology.
Headquarters: Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology Ramón Pando Ferrer.

Main Professor: Dra.C. Taimi Cardenas Diaz
Member of the Refractive Surgery Service ICO "Ramón Pando Ferrer"
II Degree Specialist in Ophthalmology. Assistant teacher.
Substitute teacher: - Dr. Enrique J. Machado Fernández.
Member of the Refractive Surgery Service ICO "Ramón Pando Ferrer"
2nd specialist. Degree in Ophthalmology. Assistant teacher
Addressed to: Specialists in Ophthalmology.
General Objectives:

  • Apply the theoretical and practical knowledge in the clinic and surgery of refractive errors by those trained.

Topics and Contents
Course 1: Refraction. Generalities.
The human eye as an optical system. Refractive states of the eye: emmetropia and ametropia. Myopia. Farsightedness. Astigmatism. Anisometropia. Aniseiconia. Unilateral aphakia. Accommodation and presbyopia.

Course 2: Introduction to excimer laser refractive surgery.
Fundamentals of laser. Properties of laser light. Elements of a laser. Laser sources. Tissue-laser interaction. Diameter and depth of ablation. Biological response to corneal photo-ablation

Course 3 Selection of patients.
Preoperative studies. Indications. Motivations Age, degree and stability of ametropia. Absolute and relative local and general contraindications.
Keratometry Determination of vision and refraction. Methods. Measurement of corneal thickness and axial length of the eye. Values.

Course 4: Corneal Topography and Notions of Aberrometry
Introduction and fundamentals of keratoscopy.
Aberrations. Aberrometry.

Course 5: Corneal laser surgical techniques.
LASIK AND LASEK. Indications, advantages and disadvantages. Procedures

Course 6: Post-operative management.
Complications. Normal postoperative: symptoms and treatment.
Complications and treatment

Number of credits: 71
Modality: Training
Duration: Total 1942 hours of them, 480 academic hours (40 hours per week x 12 weeks).
Dates: From February to May, once a year
Places: Maximum 3, minimum 1
Language Spanish
Price: 4 780.00 USD

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