Entry Protocol in Cuba for international travelers

COVID-19 Requirements
From 01-05-2022 the following two requirements are required (both are necessary), regardless of whether or not the traveler has passed Covid-19:

  • Complete vaccination schedule
  • Negative RT-PCR carried out a maximum of 72 hours before the trip.

They will not require a complete vaccination schedule, regardless of the day of entry into Cuba:

  • Children up to 12 years old, of any nationality or origin.
  • Adults who, due to medical reasons, and duly certified, cannot be vaccinated with any of the vaccines approved to date by the corresponding regulatory agencies.

Travelers from South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi and Eswatini must, regardless of their nationality:

  • Present a complete vaccination schedule at the point of entry.
  • Show the negative result of a PCR-RT, carried out a maximum of 72 hours before the trip.
  • At the point of entry, a sample will be taken to perform PCR-RT on SARS-CoV-2.
  • They will carry out mandatory quarantine, for eight days, in a hotel designated for this purpose, with the traveler himself assuming the costs of accommodation and transportation.
  • On the seventh day, a new sample will be taken which, if negative, will allow discharge from quarantine on the eighth day.

All crew members and passengers of merchant ships that intend to enter Cuba and come from foreign ports must present a complete vaccination schedule and, in addition, a PCR study will be carried out at the point of entry.

Aircraft and cruise ship crews that stay less than 48 hours in Cuban territory will be exempt from these measures. In both cases they will have to present their complete vaccination schedule.

Cruise and pleasure boat passengers will have to present an international certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 to enter Cuba.

Foreign travelers who arrive in Cuba and are part of the enrollment of international schools, scholarships in Cuban institutions, foreign technicians and collaborators who are staying, will carry out an eight-day quarantine in their respective centers, and a PCR-RT will be carried out on them. seventh day of his arrival.

Any traveler who arrives in Cuba and tests positive for COVID-19 will be admitted to the health institutions designated for this purpose in each territory.

All direct contacts of these travelers will be isolated in designated centers in each territory, or at home, provided that the necessary conditions exist and compliance with this measure is guaranteed.

Confirmed autochthonous cases that are at risk, or the severity of their condition warrants it, will be admitted to health institutions designated for this purpose. The rest may be admitted to the home in accordance with the conditions of each territory.

The direct contacts of the confirmed autochthonous cases will isolate themselves in their homes and, if necessary, they will do so institutionally, for eight days.

Confirmed pregnant women and children under the age of ten will be isolated in the health institutions designated for this purpose.

The study of the first-order contacts of the confirmed cases will be done at the moment their contact status is known.

Medical Services Providers