Entry Protocol in Cuba for international travelers

In correspondence with the international and national epidemiological situation of COVID-19 and the levels of immunization achieved, it has been decided to make the following modifications to the requirements for entering the country as part of the International Sanitary Control.

  • Eliminate as a requirement to enter the country the presentation of a test for COVID-19 (antigen test or PCR-RT) carried out in the country of origin, as well as the anti-COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
  • The collection of samples for the study of SARS CoV-2 (free) will be maintained randomly from travelers at the points of entry to the country, taking into account the number of flights, the entry of ships and the epidemiological risk that the country of origin represents. origin.
  • If the sample taken at the point of entry is positive, it will proceed according to the protocols approved in the country for the clinical-epidemiological control of COVID-19.
  • All flows and measures implemented at all points of entry into the country that guarantee social distancing and the disinfection of hands and surfaces are maintained.
  • The mandatory use of the mask is maintained at all points of entry into the country.

Any traveler who arrives in Cuba and tests positive for COVID-19 will be admitted to the health institutions designated for this purpose in each territory.

All direct contacts of these travelers will be isolated in designated centers in each territory, or at home, provided that the necessary conditions exist and compliance with this measure is guaranteed.

Confirmed autochthonous cases that are at risk, or the severity of their condition warrants it, will be admitted to health institutions designated for this purpose. The rest may be admitted to the home in accordance with the conditions of each territory.

The direct contacts of the confirmed autochthonous cases will isolate themselves in their homes and, if necessary, they will do so institutionally, for eight days.

Confirmed pregnant women and children under the age of ten will be isolated in the health institutions designated for this purpose.

The study of the first-order contacts of the confirmed cases will be done at the moment their contact status is known.


Medical Services Providers