Selection criteria for the Pulmonary Cancer Vaccine

For treatment with CIMAvax and Vaxira therapeutic vaccines for lung cancer, patients must meet certain requirements which are listed below.

Selection Criteria for Lung Cancer Vaccine

  1. That the patient is over 18 years old.
  2. Patient with a diagnosis of primary lung cancer defined as Non-Small Cells.
  3. Cytological and / or histological confirmation in stages IIIB or IV.
  4. Patients who have completed the first line of oncospecific treatment (Chemo or Chemo / Radiotherapy molecular target therapies).
  5. That the objective response has been evaluated as stable disease, complete or partial remission, according to the established RECIST criteria, 4 weeks after the primary treatment has ended and that no more than 8 weeks have elapsed after the conclusion of this treatment.
  6. Other studies of molecular targets and tumor markers that the patient has made.
  7. Result of imaging studies: CT, PET / CT at diagnosis. At the beginning and at the end of therapy.
  8. Those with no negative criteria from the functional point of view: complementary hematological and hemochemical tests within normal ranges.
  9. Life expectancy of at least 3 months.
  10. Actual Clinical condition of WHO 0 to 2.
  11. Those who are not carriers of brain metastasis.
  12. Female patients in childbearing age must use adequate contraceptive methods and have a negative pregnancy test report.
  13. Patients who have already signed the express consent for receiving this vaccinal treatment.
  14. The medical history summary must be signed by the attending physician from the country in point, and must explicitly express the request for such vaccinal treatment.
  15. The patient must have a letter of authorization from the Regulatory Agency of the country of residence intended for the corresponding customs procedures to introduce such medication.
  16. Patients must not be under any other medical treatment.

Every patient must comply with all these criteria and this must be duly expressed in the documentation to be assessed by the Board of Oncologists.

(**) This item is of strict observance and must be duly discussed in the country of origin for customs procedures.

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