The smile is the facial expression that most attracts people and it is the teeth that offer structural support to the muscles of the face. This is why the mouth becomes the key to individuality, in addition to being a great indicator of human health. The Cira García Central Clinic has a Stomatology Center that provides the highest level of specialized care. Qualified professionals united as a team for more than 10 years, offer interdisciplinary care in the personalized programs that are proposed to each of the patients. Excellence is the main appellation of the Stomatology Center, where an entire team puts its experience and professionalism to achieve the most beautiful and healthy smile for its patients. The Cira García Central Clinic invites you to check it out for yourself.



Pediatric Dentistry

Assumed by doctors specialized in dentistry for children. Treatments can range from comprehensive general stomatology to orthodontics.

See Pediatric Stomatological Checkup

Geriatric Dentistry

Attended by experts in the elderly, who deal with both comprehensive stomatology programs and the prevention of oral pathologies, based on treatment protocols established for this segment.

See Stomatological Check-up for the Elderly


In charge of correcting functional and aesthetic alterations caused by dento-maxillo-facial anomalies.  Includes preventive orthodontic treatments, removable and fixed functional orthopedic appliances. As a result of the use of the different techniques, a stable occlusion and an adequate, therefore aesthetic, alignment of the teeth is achieved.


This specialty treats gum diseases. Our proposals, with the aim of preventing the patient from ending up with periodontitis or tooth loss, are broad and include: control and teaching of the teas oral hygiene clinics; the periodontal diagnostic probing from which the treatment to follow is planned, that is,  curettage, scaling and/or root planing; the review and maintenance, and finally the periodontal surgery which is resorted to after a reassessment of the patient that indicates its clinical relevance.cando  biomaterials, if necessary.

Stomatological Prosthesis

Replacement of lost teeth through fixed rehabilitations that can be made fixed bridges on implants and on natural teeth; individual crowns, both total, partial, and pin crowns or individual rehabilitation on implant. Removable partial rehabilitations can be performed in the form of metal skeletal structures or acrylic removable partial prostheses, always under the premise of achieving the ideal solution for each patient. Total prostheses are also made that can be combined with implantology and become more comfortable prostheses with greater retention. Stomatological prosthesis services are offered with the immediacy that the patient requires and the materials used are aesthetic and of high quality.


One of our main lines of treatment that consists of implant placement and definitive rehabilitation. It consists of three phases: diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation.

I Diagnostic phase: Evaluation consultation with a dental prosthesis specialist. Consultation with a multidisciplinary team: It will be This is the moment in which the patient will approve the procedure. Whether the proposal is made or not, which may be The surgical intervention will begin to materialize between 24 and 48 hours after the multidisciplinary consultation. If the patient is not eligible or does not have the conditions to be implanted, other variants of rehabilitative treatment will be proposed.

II Surgical Phase: Depending on the number of implants to be placed, there are three variants that differ in prices and are subdivided by: placement of a single implant, from 2 to 5 implants, and 6 or more implants.

III Rehabilitation Phase: Prosthetic rehabilitation can be carried out immediately, if the patient has the conditions, so on the same day as the installation of the implant placement of the rehabilitation is performed. If this is not possible, it must be Wait approximately a month or it may fluctuate between 4 or 6 months later, depending on the patient's evolution. The definitive treatment is performed with metal-porcelain crowns.

See Dental Implant Program

Orthognathic Surgery

Dento-maxillo-facial disharmonies are common conditions caused by different alterations of bone anatomical structures such as: the chin, maxilla and mandible, or combinations of these. They can cause serious mechanical and even aesthetic limitations in patients who suffer from them. We have highly qualified specialists, as well as as necessary diagnostic means to evaluate the patient, plan the corresponding surgery and predict the results in any type of dento-maxillo-facial disharmony. Due to the magnitude that these procedures can have, they are performed in major surgery rooms.


Diagnosis by imaging is guaranteed from consultations, equipped with digital Periapical radiology. We also have a wide range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional examinations that satisfy even the most specific demands, such as orthogonal projections, Bitewing x-rays, advanced views of the temporomandibular joint and a second sensor to perform cephalometric projections, with 3D equipment.



Blepharoplasty: Skin removalflaccid and fatty eyelids

Rhinoplasty: Rectification of nose defects

Otoplasty: Rectification n of ear defects


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