Therapeutic Medical Program for Rehabilitation and Treatment of Addictions


Backed by an experience of over two decades, this addiction treatment program in Cuba is based on the Cuban approach of treatment in "therapeutic community," which is a regimen of group cohabitation where patients share moods, feelings, and situations. It aims to redirect the system of individual, family, and social responsibilities in stages to achieve two main goals: abstinence and change in lifestyle and behavior.

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  1. Areas in Addiction Treatment
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  4. Addiction Clinic and Drug Dependencies
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The program for addiction treatment and drug dependencies focuses on the detoxification and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from this health problem that threatens physical, intellectual, and social integrity. This program is developed in a natural environment with the participation of a multidisciplinary and specialized medical team.

The Addiction Treatment Program lasts a minimum of 97 days (3 months) and is conducted under a closed therapeutic community regimen where patients stay in the clinic in an inpatient setting, where discipline is strict, and the patient's willingness and desire to cooperate in recovery are essential to achieve expected results.

The program allows for reevaluation and ratification of therapy applied to each patient, resulting in recovery and increased self-esteem, social and family reintegration, and physical development. Clinic research conducted over decades has shown that 45% of patients treated with this medical program have achieved recovery. This program is endorsed by the Cuban Scientific Society in the specialty of Psychiatry.

The structure and working process of the Therapeutic Community facilitate change through self-help, through a sequence of stages that allow growth, personality maturation, and behavioral reunion leading the patient to overcome dependence.

The multidisciplinary team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses, and social workers with many years of experience.

The presence of a family member of the patient during the first two weeks of admission is very convenient for their integration into the community and obtaining useful data in their treatment.

Accommodation is provided in hotel-type rooms with good comfort, air conditioning, satellite television. Meals are à la carte and with a varied menu adapted to the patients' needs.

The center has a swimming pool, sports areas, and passive play areas, billiards, abundant green areas for relaxation, as well as music therapy, acupuncture, occupational therapy, cultural and educational activities. Stimulus outings to places of historical, cultural, and recreational interest in the region are organized.

It is essential requirements for the patient to enter the program voluntarily, not to suffer from AIDS or liver disease, and to be accompanied by a family member who will stay with them during this evaluation period and the first week of treatment, with the aim of actively participating in the evaluation stage and the beginning of therapy.

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