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The use of blue scorpion venom is a remedy against cancer that Cuban medical scientists have worked on for years.

The Cuban biologist Misael Bordier discovered and studied and directed Research with the toxin of the BLUE SCORPION (rhopaluris junceus) in the treatment of cancer has been going on for years.

This scorpion is the only one of all the species in Cuba whose toxin has curative properties for this disease and that is applied to treat patients with cancerous pathologies.

Initially this REMEDY AGAINST CANCER was discovered and applied in the province of Guantánamo, later the Ministry of Public Health decided to undertake large-scale research, appointing the Labiofam laboratories for this purpose.

Bordier called this remedy as a cancer treatment during his research stage. ESCOZUL, and the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba: TOXIN OF NATURAL ORIGIN.

During this entire period, Escozul or Toxin of natural origin was offered free of charge in the research centers where it was produced; The patient or family member only had to appear with a summary of their medical history and the results of the tests performed.

In April 2010, the research by Cuban scientists culminated and the product began to be marketed under the name VIDATOX in homeopathic form.

Vidatox has shown that it has an ANALGESIC and ANTI-FLAMMATORY action with a great positive impact on patients treated with this anti-cancer remedy. In recent years, the QUALITY OF LIFE has improved for more than 80 thousand Cuban patients and those from other countries.

Since April 2010, the research by Cuban scientists has been completed and the product has begun to be marketed under the name VIDATOX in homeopathic form.

It is important to understand that cancer treatment with Vidatox is not a definitive cure, but it is a cure. In all patients, regardless of the stage of their disease, it has very positive effects; Over the course of these 15 years, it has been known that in 85% of the cases treated, they have reported benefits in their quality of life such as:

  1. Increase in appetite and as a consequence of this increase in the patient's body weight.
  2. Improves the quality of sleep without the need to take psychotropic drugs or reduce their doses.
  3. It contributes to the relief of pain and/or to the reduction of the frequency and dose of the use of morphine or its derivatives.
  4. Contributes to alleviating the undesirable effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  5. It makes chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions more tolerable and effective by reducing undesirable effects.
  6. Improvement in the patient's immune response, acting as an immunoregulator.
  7. It has anti-inflammatory effects.

The magnitude of the manifestation of these life-threatening symptoms depends on the stage of the disease and the deterioration of the patient's general condition when starting treatment.

You should not stop any other treatment you are taking. making to use this treatment against cancer.

So far there are no known contraindications in the application of this cancer treatment with Vidatox, and it has no side effects, it does not interfere with other cancer treatments that are being applied.

In recent years, other products of natural origin have been added that enhance the effect of treatment with Vidatox and the La Pradera International Health Center has developed a program that includes them:

Specialized oncology medical consultation (included in the price)

Medicines for treatment for approximately 4 months:

  • VIDATOX (4 bottles)
  • Protein supplement (4 bottles)
  • Spirulina (4 bottles, 320 tablets)

Price: 610.60 Dollars (USD)

Medical Report.

The patient does not have to travel, a family member or friend can come and they only have to bring a summary of the medical history and the medical tests performed.

The use of Vidatox, made with blue scorpion venom, is a complementary therapy for the treatment of symptoms caused by the effects of cancer and the relief of pain.

Spirulina with Vitamin C is a nutritional supplement from algae rich in proteins and other trace elements and the presence of Vitamin C that promotes the comprehensive absorption of iron, increases the human body's resistance to diseases.

Ferrical contributes to improving states of convalescence and immunodepression. Increases appetite and restores the person's nutritional status.


You must fill out the form that we present below and in addition to the general data requested, you must send us the following information:

  • Diagnosis of the disease.
  • Updated results of the medical examinations carried out.
  • Treatments performed.
  • Current state of the disease.
  • Current status of the patient.

Important: Take the time you need to gather all the requested information, as well as the information requested. will avoid delay of doctors in their evaluation. Once the case is approved, a family member or friend can travel to Havana to consult and purchase the medications, it is not necessary for the patient to travel.


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