It is a site specialized in the international management of Health Tourism in Cuba.

This site is part of the promotion system of the Belraysa Tours & Travel Group S.A. dedicated to International Medical Care in Cuba, its main lines of work are:

  • Medical Treatments.
  • Academic Programs.
  • Congresses.
  • Fairs.
  • Any other type of health event organized by the agency or by another entity in Cuba.

Our main function is the coordination between patients and Cuban medical institutions so that you can be informed and guided on what to do. treatment possibilities you have in Cuba.

We are the door to the different treatments, medical studies and scientific events offered in Cuba.

Our agency is duly authorized to promote the Medical Services of Cuba through a contract with the Marketing Company of the Medical and Academic Services of Cuba, in addition, Belraysa Tours & Travel Group S.A. is accredited in the Cuban Chamber of Commerce with an office in Havana.


It is one of the Web Portals of the Belraysa Tours & Travel Group S.A. Responsible for promoting and organizing trips for foreign patients who wish to have medical treatment in Cuba.

We receive and process requests from patients who wish to be treated in Cuba and we coordinate with the best specialists in the different Medical Institutions in Cuba for their evaluation and possible proposal for Medical Treatment.

This application process for Medical Treatment in Cuba, the evaluation and proposal for medical treatment are completely free, you have no charge for our management.

Office in Cuba: Ave. 43 No 2211 e/ 22 and 24 Playa Municipality, Miramar District, Cuba

Phone /Whatsapp: +53 5 2730507

Email: solicitud@cubamundomedico.com

On our pages you can You will find a wide range of Medical Treatments from various specialties, but if your illness does not appear among the treatments we show, you can still request it. You just have to fill out the following form: Request Treatment.

The prestige of Cuba's health system is globally recognized, which allows us to present it as a guarantee of the provision of these services.

We hope to help people in need

This site is It is in the process of design and updating, we apologize for any errors you find and we would appreciate it if you could inform us at the following email: solicitud@cubamundomedico.com


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