Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology

Ramon Pando Ferrer Due to the experience gained in Cuba in more than two centuries of medical benefits, Cuban health services and especially ophthalmology have gained national and international prestige, not only because of the high scientific and technical quality of the human capital involved, but also because the trustworthiness and ethics of those who, based on clinical method, prescribe the indispensable means for a truthful diagnosis, free of profits at the expense of unnecessary medical services.

 Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology The Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology Ramón Pando Ferrer is a national and international reference center for the specialty of ophthalmology and the guiding center for teaching, with prestigious specialists and professors, whose knowledge and experiences can be exchanged at national and international level specialists.

Medical care includes diagnosis, treatment and surgical solutions. Emergency, ambulatory and hospital services are also offered.

This medical facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology where the most modern examinations are carried out to diagnose different ophthalmological conditions, as well as the application of novel surgical techniques.

As a leading center of this specialty, the hospital exchanges with other international projects such as ORBIS which collaborate in the National Program for the prevention of blindness, which is run by the institute’s specialists participating in «Vision 20/20, the right to see», an international initiative for the prevention and control of the blindness promoted by WHO. The causes of blindness are adjusted for their frequency of appearance to those reported as more frequent by WHO for developing countries. Cataract is the leading cause of blindness followed by glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-associated macular degeneration.


Medical Services Providers