Customs Regulations

The Customs Regulations for the Entry and Exit of Patients and Tourists from Cuba:
The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba constitutes an organ of control at the border and of supervision in the activity related to foreign trade. It has the mission of directing customs matters, collecting customs duties and responding within its jurisdiction and competence to the events that affect the international traffic of merchandise, travelers, mail and the means that transport them, preventing, detecting and confronting them. fraud and smuggling, as well as contributing to national and international protection of the environment.
The laws of the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba prohibit, among others, the entry of:
Drugs and narcotics.
Psychotropic or hallucinogenic substances.
Precursor substances.
Blood products.
Literature, articles and objects that are obscene or pornographic or that attempt against the general interests of the nation.
Products of animal origin (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and all species of ungulates) that may be carriers of diseases.
Medications that are imported
All the medicines that you usually require can be imported, up to 10 kg, they are exempt from paying customs duties, provided they are separated from the rest of the luggage. When mixed with other articles that are part of it, they are valued as a whole and are subject to the payment of customs duties and services.
Medications must be in their original containers, such as manufactured pharmaceutical products, provided they are not included among the medications whose import is not authorized or is subject to special requirements.
Drugs that are exported
The medicines that are indicated in the medical centers are free of export cost and must be declared at the time of the CHECK IN. You must have available the billing documents of the hospital and / or pharmacy where I buy them in case they are required by the customs officers.
We recommend that you do not export medicine that has not been prescribed by your doctor and that does not have the documents that prove it.
For more information please consult this link: Medications
Sanitary Regulations
From the 1st. March 2016, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health establishes that:
Strengthen international sanitary control and epidemiological surveillance measures.
Make the declaration of health at points of entry to people from countries that report Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and yellow fever. General Legal Procedures
The border phytosanitary and veterinary authorities apply provisions and regulations on the import and export of animals and plants, as well as food of all kinds.
When leaving the country, do not carry with you or in the accompanying luggage:
Drugs and narcotic drugs Psychotropic or hallucinogenic substances
Precursor substances
Blood products
Literature, articles and objects that are obscene or pornographic or that threaten the general interests of the nation
The following items and products are not allowed to be exported:
Cultural assets declared part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation
Manuscript books, incunabula (edited between 1440 and 1500)
Books and brochures that contain stamps from libraries of the National System of Public Libraries and Cuban Organizations and Institutions, as well as Cuban Books from "R" editions
Foreign books, brochures and serial publications printed in the 16th to 18th centuries and Cubans published in the 18th century
Lobster, in any quantity and form of presentation
Preservation of Historical Memory
In Cuba there are regulations that prohibit the departure from national territory of the documents that form or should form part of the State Archives Fund and are deposited in archives, or in other places destined for their official preservation or entrusted to the custody of an official, the that can have historical, patrimonial and institutional documents.
The National Registry of Cultural Assets of the Ministry of Culture is the body empowered to authorize the temporary or definitive export of heritage assets at the border.
For more information, consult: General Customs of the Republic of Cuba
Customs Regulations

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