Central Clinic Cira García.

Cira Garcia Clinic The Central Clinic "Cira García" is a unit that belongs to the System of Attention to foreign patients directed by Marketer of Medical Services of Cuba. Provides preventive-curative and rehabilitative specialized medical care in an uninterrupted manner and of a mainly bed-based nature to Diplomatic personnel accredited in Cuba and other foreigners residing in the country or who come to it in search of the advances and prestige of Cuban medicine. It is a General Surgical Clinical Hospital for the exclusive attention of foreign patients, adults, children, in most Medical, Surgical and Gynecological-Obstetric specialties.

The Clinic is located in Miramar, Havana City, Cuba, covers an area of ??6000 square meters in which private internment rooms are distributed with all the necessary hotel and medical facilities deployed on three floors or levels, operating theaters with sections of pre-anesthesia and post-anesthetic recovery, intensive care unit and a set of laboratories and support services that guarantee highly qualified care with the immediacy required by patients who attend from long distances.

Among the services it provides, is hospitalization, outpatient consultation, urgency, diagnostics, stomatology, domiciliary care and medical support to patients from and / or to their country of origin by a medical and nursing collective of recognized prestige.
The Clinic has in its staff professional doctors, stomatologists, nursing graduates and other health professionals and technicians who, together with a group of associated specialists of recognized prestige and qualification, allow you to offer their services and meet the needs of any patient and their families.

The excellence of the medical care offered is based on the fact that its services are on the same level as that achieved in the sphere of world medicine and based on the professionalism and the scientific-technical level of its personnel, its ethical and human values , that make it possible for their patients to feel safe and confident of the services they receive with the full satisfaction of their expectations regarding care and well-being as human beings.

The quality policy of the institution is materialized with the implementation of the "Quality Assurance System", which is developed on the basis of ISO 9000 standards, integrating the approaches of the Pan American Health Organization and the Ministry of Public Health from Cuba.

The documents that support the "Quality Assurance System" are:
Requirements of the ISO 9002-94 Standard; Organization and Procedures Manual
The implementation of the Quality Guarantee System made it possible for the "Clínica Central Cira García", the flagship organization of medical care for foreigners, to have been the first hospital unit in Cuba to achieve ACCREDITATION by the National Hospital Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Health. Public of Cuba and that can correspond to fulfill its mission.

Central Clinic Cira García

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