Frank País Orthopedic Hospital

Frank País Orthopedic Hospital

"Frank País" International Orthopedic Scientific Complex. It has an area of 10 hectares, it constitutes the most extensive and comprehensive hospital complex in the world dedicated to orthopedic, traumatological, reconstructive and rehabilitative surgery of the osteomyoneuroarticular system, where people come from all over the world. parts of the world to be treated, in addition to being the headquarters of the Ibero-American School of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

The “Frank País” International Orthopedic Scientific Complex directed today by Dr. Prof. Roberto González Martín.

There is extensive experience in complex surgical procedures such as limb reconstruction, bone, tendon, nerve and skin grafts; prosthetic joint replacements, microsurgeries, arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery, bone lengthening in congenital and acquired shortening, short stature or dwarfism, revascularizing surgeries in bone necrosis, external fixation, among others.

Offers treatment in spinal column pathology of traumatic, congenital or acquired origin; bone and soft tissue tumors; fractures and sequelae; pseudoarthrosis; bone and joint infections; congenital and acquired deformities of the limbs.

It provides specialized services in non-invasive, surgical and rehabilitative treatment for sports conditions and trauma.

A tissue bank is available for the production of bone graft and pig skin.

It has among its facilities the ORTOFORZA Physical Health and Sports Center, dedicated to the promotion, recovery and maintenance of physical health through medical control, rehabilitation and the sport; All of this in a comfortable facility that has medical consultations, a gym with different equipment, squash courts, paddle tennis, swimming pool, minigolf, jogging track, as well as a gym. as restaurant, cafeteria and other services. The ORTOP Events Center, dedicated respectively to the organization of courses and internships and the professional holding of conferences and different types of meetings. For this purpose, it has equipped rooms and qualified technical staff.

Directed in the beginning by Prof. Dr. Sc. Rodrigo Álvarez Cambras, eminent Cuban scientist, who provides the accumulated experience in the field of orthopedics and together with a multidisciplinary team of high scientific level and ethical treatment achieves rapid and effective recovery in multiple conditions.

In addition to constituting a National and International Reference Center, its facilities house the Ibero-American School of Orthopedics and Traumatology. The Complex as a whole has been founded for more than three decades and thousands of patients each year.

With the most advanced surgical techniques and a multidisciplinary team, of high scientific and ethical level, who provide their vast experience in each patient treated, it also has three modern facilities. factories for the production of orthopedic devices. (Prosthetics and Orthotics).

With the application of the modern technique of external fixators, exclusive to Cuban orthopedics, and other accessories manufactured in the hospital itself, attention is provided to spinal column deformities, bone tumors and soft tissues, peripheral and paraplegic paralysis, rheumatic conditions, and injuries of all kinds, neurological and osteomyarticular disorders, as well as as well as all the post-operative rehabilitation that the patient requires.

The Sports Traumatology Center  counts among the successes of this hospital. Thanks to a comprehensive conception of rehabilitation, which includes the training of the athletes treated, Olympic medals have been added to the medal table.






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