National Institute of Oncology

Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Cuba The National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR) of Havana, Cuba, has a history of more than fifty years of dedication to the diagnosis, treatment and research of cancer, always in the constant search for new treatments that enable the patient to enjoy a better life quality.

INOR has stood out for the rapid introduction and development of advanced medical technologies.
-It is known as the most specialized center in Cuba in the oncological branch.
-Provides a a service based on the highest ethical and humanistic principles, with a view to the welfare of the patient.
-It offers the opportunity of a good scientific and technical preparation.
-Develops various scientific dissemination actions and Health Promotion programs.

In addition to undeniable achievements of conventional medicine, more and more people include in their choice natural methods as a source of quality of life because of their possibilities in strengthening self-healing mechanisms.

A new paradigm of health emerges in this third millennium in favor of a humanity more in full harmony with the laws of nature.
The National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology, is one of the centers of Tertiary Care of the National Health System and is the main national institution for cancer treatment and research related to this disease, as well as the guiding center in the incorporation of new treatments to clinical practice.

This facility, as part of the Cuban National Health System, provides highly specialized medical care, guaranteeing the training of human resources in oncology, developing clinical, basic and epidemiological investigations , as well as cancer control programs and the National Cancer Registry in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the Cuban and international population.

The Research Division organizes, controls and evaluates the Science and Technological Innovation Plan of the Institute, guaranteeing the scientific and ethical rigor, through the improvement of the structures of the Scientific Council and its committees and the implementation of the methodological orientations of the Science area and Technique of MINSAP and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA).

It is included within its implementation, to develop the methodological requirements for the implementation of the Good Clinical Practices, the control of the Clinical Trials, the National Registry of Cancer, the support to the development and evaluation of the National Program of Cancer Control and the national collaboration and international as key elements of development within the Research Policy in Oncology.

Its main objective is the updating and improvement of training, training and continuing education for Health Professionals and Technicians. Its teaching staff is composed of Full Professors, Assistant Professors, Assistant Professors and Instructors, besides having, as a Technical Scientific Potential, with Doctors in Sciences and Doctors in Medical Sciences.
National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology

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