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The Medical Sciences Universities of Cuba give a warm welcome to those interested in initiating studies of academic training and professional development in our Caribbean Sea island, whose greatest treasure are its inhabitants and natural beauties, in a framework of tranquility and citizen security without stop the world.

Cuba has 13 medical science universities, as well as multiple centers for postgraduate studies (CEP) and health research, which offer the possibility of satisfying training and professional development at the request of governments, institutions, groups or individuals.

These academic institutions are authorized by the legal mechanisms established by the Cuban State for such purposes, under the direction of a Rector and with a categorized cloister, in certified settings, which gives him the right to issue university certification documents of any level .

In Cuba there is a National Accreditation System, through which, in each university campus, the scenarios for training in the different careers and postgraduate studies offered are certified, in order to guarantee compliance with the activities described in the study programs The academic training study programs are unique for the whole country and their implementation is carried out equally for all.

The postgraduate teaching activity in health in Cuba includes training in more than 50 medical, 5 stomatological, and 3 nursing specialties, which are offered to graduates of homonymous careers. In addition there are at least 17 master's degrees for students from other countries, although others may be offered, and five different modalities of doctoral programs in health sciences, and other professional development activities such as courses, trainings and diplomas. In some cases, training activities can be complemented, especially in the practical field, which are carried out in universities in other countries.

As a principle, it is taken into account that, in training, the degree can be approved in the country where the applicant comes from or intends to exercise, so the addition of other content and objectives in the study program is admitted, prior conciliation with University authorities and SMC. In no case is the removal of content made at the request of the applicant, except those that are processed through the validations and proficiency exams provided in the postgraduate regulations.

For the different formations it is necessary, for the non-Spanish-speaking students, to have approved the Spanish language, or failing to take the program of about 20 weeks established for it. In the case of overcoming or other activities, it is possible to do it in English, or even in other languages, which should be consulted specifically in each case.

Other academic possibilities are available, just contact us and together we can make them happen.

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